About Mighty Labs

With Mighty Labs, we want to help less experienced entrepreneurs with their early-stage business ideas.


Entrepreneurs emerge from many places. For years, our team has helped entrepreneurs around the globe build and scale ventures. With Mighty Labs, we want to support starting entrepreneurs with their early-stage ideas to propel their ventures to the next stage and ultimately enable them to set up successful businesses in their home countries.

Mighty Labs is a pre-accelerator program that covers various themes and regions. This year, Mighty Labs decided to focus on entrepreneurs from the MENA region.

Our Location

The betahaus is Germany’s premier entrepreneurship ecosystem and a space to work alongside some of the most talented entrepreneurs in Europe.

sqm space
events per year

Coaches, Mentors, and Supporters

We’ll sit down with you, think through your ideas and be your cheerleaders.

  • Neys
    Neys Program Manager / Design Coach
  • Martin
    Martin Logistics & Planning
  • Madeleine
    Madeleine Co-Founder of betahaus
  • Max
    Max CEO & Co-founder of betahaus
  • Katka
    Katka Community Ambassador
  • Yatan
    Yatan Coach Sourcing
  • Iva
    Iva Entrepreneur Ambassador
  • Matthias
    Matthias Carl Zeiss / Guest Speaker
  • Ansgar
    Ansgar HP / Guest Speaker
  • Till
    Till Nebenan.de / Guest Speaker
  • Oliver
    Oliver Mykita / Guest Speaker
  • Antoine
    Antoine Productivity and Happiness Coach
  • Maik
    Maik Business Model Coach
  • Ruha
    Ruha Business Practice Coach
  • Lluis
    Lluis Prototyping Coach
  • Vegter
    Vegter Prototyping Coach
  • Marc
    Marc Strategy Coach
  • Bianca
    Bianca Public Speaking & Startup Pitch Trainer

Ready to apply now?

Now inviting entrepreneurs from the MENA region into our 2016 cycle. Scholarships are available!